When my first child was little I “went back to work” for… well, never mind that, where is important only in that it wasn’t for myself and it wasn’t something I felt connected to or inspired by. I put in the hours, did the job, and left with the hope of nothing more than a paycheque for my time and effort. This is an adequate way to pay the bills and I acknowledge and appreciate that people can count themselves fortunate to have that option, at the time I was very grateful for that job. However, there are other desires and needs that call to each of us and falling short of fulfilling those can leave one with a deep and niggling sense of dissatisfaction.

Chatting with my brilliant, beautiful, talented friend TLF one night we discussed the harried hurriedness of working to keep a family fed, clothed and cared for and of having not much left at the end of the day for ourselves. When one’s focus is consumed with this struggle to meet necessities it’s easy to become enmeshed in resentment, to fall into bed each night exhausted and ultimately unfulfilled in terms of potential unmet. Feeling that your true talents are going to waste while you frantically spin in place, a cog in the machine. A Worker Zombie.

I reject that title! I am a creative person; I have natural and cultivated talent that’s unique and valuable. I have determination, drive and energy to do work of value. I believe that the world needs more people like me, needs my contribution, what I have to offer as my own true self. I am not a worker zombie; I am so much more than that. I am a tireless creatrix, a life-artist. I am a Worker Mom Bee.


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